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Sandford Park – pool closure / under construction


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Dear Agents

Compliments of the Festive Season.

As you are aware, Sandford Park Country Hotel has been undergoing soft upgrades throughout the course of the current year (2018). One of the items identified when planning the upgrades was the refurbishment of our pool and the area surrounding the pool.

After many months of preparation including the outsourcing of water, our pool was completed with the hopes that our guests would be creating many memories around this feature during this festive season.
It is with a saddened heart that we write to you informing you that during the final phase of the pool refurbishment we had experienced an unfortunate incident which has now rendered the pool unusable.
On the 9th of December 2018 an unexpected crack developed overnight in the pool which had caused the water to drain out substantially by morning. During the course of the day the problem had exasperated and further cracks in the pool were noticed.

Due to the current festive season, most businesses within the area are closing and therefore we are unable to have the pool repaired immediately. We kindly ask that you assist us by informing your guests beforehand of the lack of a pool facility at our property prior to their arrival. This will assist us in ensuring that your guests are adequately updated.

We at Sandford Park Country Hotel would like to sincerely apologise in advance for any inconvenience this has caused to your company and to your guests. Furthermore, we will like to compensate each of your guests with a complimentary lunch pack for them to carry on their trip to the Royal National Park. We hope that this small gesture will be suitable and received in a positive light.

Management of Sandford Park Country Hotel has undertaken to ensure that the pool is repaired and will be ready for use within the first quarter of the New Year.

Kidd Regards
Directors, Management

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